'May I steal your fraction of time?' Sunil Magar starts his business chats gravitating glances of people he finds in his day-long marketing hour. 'Thanks for supportive time,' he concludes his casual conservations to commuters and commoners encountered in roads, marketplaces and pedestrian lanes of Itahari, a city of Sunsari district.


However, he doesn't and can't talk vocally. He communicates through texts displayed from his five-page glossily printed-out marketing note.  Having been 'deaf' since his memory, Magar is not left away in challenging business advertising profession just because of his hearing hazards.

'He is energetic and can impress folks with his body languages,' says Radheshyam Poudel, who employs this 22-year-old guy for his resort and other products to escape 'tobacco addiction'. 'His sign language and charming expressions make people understand what he means,' adds Poudel.  'Sunil is strong and satisfying marketer,' Poudel declaims proudly. 


Previously worked as glass-cutter in  Paruhang glass shop at Damak, Jhapa for some 6000 rupees (60$) a month, Magar says he is happy over his new role as marketer in our written talks at Gokulam Resort of Morang , some two and half kilometer eastward from Itahari town, where he works. 'Work hour is shortened and salary is extended compared to my previous job,' proudly tells Magar adding, ' this is traveling-based job which I love and no physical loads and harms are associated with.'


Magar accomplished his schooling from Surunga, Jhapa and is fluent in reading texts and using technology. He has befriended many and talks online in texts and videos. He is in facebook also. Despite his academic study up to grade six, Magar is eager to study literary books, news outlets and magazines available at his disposal. 'I like to read everything I get online and in books,' Magar quenches an inquiry. 'Reading helps to know what goes inside people's mind,' Magar reveals his reading reasons. He quickly adds, ' and, this is helpful for marketing.'


Asked about downsides of textual and sign communications for illiterate people, Magar diplomatically answers, 'these days, all is literate and even illiterates are literate in sign languages.' Magar does not recall records of gestural disobediences and insults from all those whom he approached for advertising his products and resort's offerings. Instead, he says he is loved by many and some have also offered tea and cold drinks. 'People do not believe I can't hear and speak,' he relates his everyday reality,' once they know I am deaf, they give more time themselves and listen what I say and signal.'


Originally from Gausala-2, Mohattari district of Southern Terai, Sunil Magar currently lives in Damak-12, Bikash Marga of Jhapa with his Father Bal Bahadur Magar and Mother Mira Devi Magar. He has traversed all eastern Terai districts of Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari for his marketing matters. During marketing offseason, Magar also takes his transient job of waiter at his Gokulam Resort.


Mager does not know how much market he has enlarged for his employer but knows that his job is well-received both from owner and customer. 'Customer come and gift me tips and our sir (owner) also thanks for my punctuality', writes Magar in our three-hour long chats at his resort corner just a day after Christmas Eve.  


Magar says he did not make his mentality to switch to governmental jobs nor he is eager to try other jobs as of now. 'Marketing is okay', says he.

This brilliant bachelor boy utters no regret for his hearing deficiency and aspires to earn more money to finance his family. He has single passion 'to travel the world one day'.


Answering this journalist's concern of his message to readers of his news story, he simply says in writing, ' I want to show my news to my mom and sis.'

5 Sunil Magar 5.2