Itahari: Ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) of Itahari Sub-metropolis have come up with united alliance to contest incoming elections for campus Management Committee of Janata Multiple Campus (JMC) Itahari, Sunsari.

The 13-member Management Committee contestants are divided between two political giants.  5 members are given for NCP including chair. Likewise, NC will get 8 members including vice-chair and treasurer.

13-member contestants from the joint alliance comprises figures like member of constituent assembly, serving people's representative and influential local leaders of NCP and NC.

Former deputy mayor of Itahari and also a member of Nepal's historic Constituent Assembly Rewatiraman Bhandari, ward chair of ward number 4 of Itahari Chandra Prashad Bhattarai and vice-president of NC Itahari Shivaraj Dahal and vice-president of Nepal Students' Union Central Committee Bikash KC are among contestants in Management Committee elections.

    Former chair of erstwhile CPN-UML Rewati Ghimire and District Committee member of NCP Sunsari Bhim Prashad Subedi (Sagar) have also thrown their weights behind NCP-NC electoral alliance.

Other candidates include Debu Prashad Niraula, Jyoti Koirala, Tirtharaj Parajuly, Pramod Bhattarai, Yugpriya Niraula, Aakash Hang Limbu, Bhim Prashad Subedi (Sagar) and Ishore Bhattarai.

NCP NC alliance JMC Management Commiittee Itahari

No other political outfits have fielded their candidates against this joint alliance. However, two council members have nominated their names for elections. Hem Sagar Timsina and Yagya Bahadur Katwal (Ganesh) have fielded their names for elections. Independent candidate Timsina said', my candidacy is against the long-run political syndicate in the management committee of this public campus.'

yag bahadur katwal ganesh

No women have fielded their names for campus Management Committee elections both from united alliance and independent candidacies. 

hem sagar timsina itahari

513 JMC council members will cast their votes on 30 July for 13 campus management committee members, said elections committee chair Geeta Poudel.

Established on 15 July, 1988, JMC is the biggest public college in Itahari with 4500 plus students.