Biratnagar, Nov 26: The Koshi Province Assembly has unanimously passed the 'Bill Designed to Implement the Proposal Related to the Finance of Koshi Province Government, 2080', substituting the 'Koshi Province Finance Ordinance, 2080'.     

Chief Minister Kedar Karki presented the proposal in the Assembly seeking the passage of the proposal.     

Before the endorsement of the bill, Assembly members Gombu Sherpa, Sapana Darji, Kishor Chandra Dulal, Bidur Kumar Linthep, Rajan Kirati, Binod Rai, Dolma Tamang, Chhabilal Chudal and Ram Prasad Mahato expounded on various aspects of the bill.     

They called on the provincial government to be serious regarding the implementation of the bill, arguing that it charted out the province's journey towards prosperity.     

Responding to queries raised by the members during the deliberations on the bill, Chief Minister Karki informed that the topics related to tax rate and scope of tax have not been changed as the bill is based on the related ordnance.     

He stressed systematizing the transport sector reasoning that it was the highest source of income for the province. Making it clear that the provincial government shall only make the tax imposed on sand, pebbles and stones, as it is the local level that imposes a tax on these materials, he said the provincial government has the policy of providing concession in the registration of cottages and small industries.     

Assembly speaker Haji Israeel Mansuri chaired the Assembly session. The Province Assembly will next meet at 11 am tomorrow. (RSS)