Galyang (Syangja), Aug 27 : Churpi produced by Akala Namuna Small Farmers Agricultural Cooperatives located in Waling Municipality-8 of Syangja is being exported to the US.    
Churpi or hardened cheese costs Rs 1,000 and 1,100 per kilogram. The churppi produced by our cooperatives is exported to the US, said Chairperson of the cooperatives, Punya Prasad Aryal,    

Around 800 to 1,100 liters of milk is collected daily at this the dairy operated by the small farmers' cooperative.    

We have been providing 50 per cent subsidy to the farmers for agricultural materials, seeds and grass plants", Lakshmi Pokharel Regmi, the manager of the cooperative said.    
In collaboration with the Prime Minister's Agricultural Digitization Project, 50 percent subsidy has been provided to 10 farmers under the 'Buffalor Subsidy Program' in the last financial year. He also shared that 28 farmers have been given grants under the 'Storage Improvement Program'.    

Established in 2075 BS, the cooperative has 2,850 share holders. The cooperative has also decided to conduct a free animal insurance program under the Livestock Protection Program in the current financial year    

The cooperative is working according to the plan to make the farmers independent and self-employed, said Regmi.  (RSS)