Kathmandu, Dec 7: Installation of CC camera at Thamel, the main tourist hub in Kathmandu, has begun. 

CC cameras are being installed at every thoroughfare of Thamel at the initiative of the Thamel Tourism Development Council with the support of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Kathmandu Valley Police Office, Ranipokhari.     

Council Chairperson Bhabishwor Sharma shared that CC cameras are being installed to make the Thamel area clean, beautiful, safe and systematic as well as strengthen the peace and security of the Thamel area.     

He mentioned that 80 CC cameras have been installed at Lainchour Marg, Chhetrapati Marg, Nursing Chowk Marg, Chaksibari Marg, Satghumti Marg, JP Line Marg and Paryatan Marg of Thamel area.     

"Activity is underway to install 112 CC cameras with four big ones. A total of 80 CC cameras have been installed so far," he said.     

Before installing the CC cameras inside the Thamel area, representatives of KMC, Kathmandu Valley Police Office and Thamel Tourism Development Council, had carried out a study about CC cameras required in the Thamel area.     

Council Vice-Chair Sahadev Dhamala mentioned that CC cameras would help to control criminal activities taking place in the Thamel area.     

More than 2,000 landlords and businessmen of the Thamel area are associated with the Council established in 2047 BS for the development of the Thamel area. (RSS)