Jaleshwor, Nov 16: As four days remain to celebrate Chhath festival, the Dom community is already in joyous mood. People of the economically backward Dom community in the district are now busy weaving different bamboo wares like dalo, nanglo and talu tapari.     

Biju Dom, 50, of Manarasiswa municipality said, "Apart from eating delicious foods and wearing new clothes, Chhath is such festival that makes us forget all pains and sorrows of life."     

Similarly, Kewali Domin, 55, of Gaushala municipality shared, "We become busy from morning to evening in making different types of bamboo items with the start of Nepali month Kartik. We make good income from their sale."     

Those celebrating Chhath festival need different types of bamboo wares to offer Argha to the deities Chhatimata or Suryadev. Around five to seven types of baskets made of bamboo like dalo, talutapari are required by a family for performing several rituals associated with the Chhath festival.     

Chhath festival is mainly concerned with worshipping the sun god and the goddess Chhatimata.     

Budho Dom, 60, of Samsi rural municipality mentioned that they make different bamboo items for Chhath festival every year and make good income after selling them.     

A single family of Bhangaha municipality of the district earns around Rs 200,000-300,000 after selling bamboo items during the Chhath festival.     

As the number of people celebrating Chhath is increasing, people of the Dom community are busy in weaving variety of items from bamboo for the festival. (RSS)