Kathmandu, Jan 4: Nepali Congress spokesperson Dr Prakasharan Mahat has said that the NC will play the role of a strong opposition party, raising issues of public concern, national integrity, good governance, development, employment and other issues in the parliament with priority.

Speaking at a press conference held for the first time following the formation of the new government today, he said that even though the then ruling coalition under the leadership of the NC did not get success as much as expected in the November 20 elections the results were satisfactory.

Stating that the Congress was steadfast in its decision to continue the then ruling alliance, Mahat said, "We did not give any priority to take the leadership of the government by gathering alternative support. Congress has no fault in CPN (MC) Chair Prachanda leaving the alliance. However, we did not get time to discuss and decide on options to save the alliance, including by giving the leadership to him.”

Spokesman Mahat said that the issue of why Maoist Center Chair Prachanda left the alliance will be analyzed in the days to come but all the parties had committed to continue the ruling coalition and provide stability with a new government. But the Maoist Center chair backed away and instead led to the formation of an alternative coalition.

He also noted that the current coalition is purely opportunist, as a party that wants monarchy, that does not want it, a party that favours federalism and a party that does not are all together. Hence, we believe that it is short-lived. However, as long as the Congress remains in the opposition, the party will play the role of a strong opposition party.

 The NC Spokesperson said that the party will work on strengthening its organization, forging unity while focusing on the subject matter and policy. He also believed that the situation where the largest party in the parliament remains out of the government while a small party leads it would be reviewed, and also become a topic of public discussion and national debate. 

 He vowed to form a strong party and move ahead with the goal of winning a majority on its own in the coming elections. A comprehensive review will also be held in the Party's Central Working Committee meeting scheduled for January 12.(RSS)