-Fiona Day  

When I first met you and wondered the streets,

 I was all alone and in search of a place

 I could sit and feel your peace.

 As I walked through the dark and quiet pathways of Nepal

 I felt I was back home,

 in your warm and enchanting embrace.

 Nepal is a country to the world

 which looks to be poor, 

but when you step inside you

 realize she has so much more.

 For its people and culture

 I was simply in awe,

 I knew I had found my place

 I wanted to re explore. 

A love like no other from then until now

 I can honestly say I take a moment to say I’m very proud

. From poverty to earthquakes

 you stand above the rest with your faith and your strength 

it will always be your test

. My home is within you and I could never leave, 

for you have made me who I am today,

 and that is to lead. 

I love you and thank you for accepting me in and I promise

 one day I will help you all, from within.

Writer is England based and living in Dubai UAE