In order to revive domestic tourism industry, Nepal Tourism Board- appointed Internal Tourism Resurrection Committee (ITRC) of Province 1 is hosting three major events in March and April.

According to Bhabish Shrestha, the coordinator of ITRC Province 1, the first event will be focused on Eastern Terai. ''We will have two-wheelers' rally from Morang to Udayapur starting from Birat Palace of Biratnagar to Rauta Pokhari of Udayapur'', informed Shrestha, ''Our event takes place on 12-13 March and covers around 74 kilometer distance including Birat Palace, Biratnagar, Itahari, Dharan, Barahakshetra and Rauta.'' 

Together with ITRC Nepal Automobiles Association Province 1, Morang Automobile Dealers, Association, FNCCI Province 1, Ministry for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Province 1, Mountain Sports Federation, Nepal Tourism Board are joining hands to make this event happen, informed Basudeb Baral, the Deputy coordinator of ITRC Province 1.  

In the event, there will be 1050 participants including 500 riders with one pillion rider on each two-wheeler as well as members from medical and media fraternity. 

Similarly, the second event of ITRC is two-day-long drive titled 'Kechanakawal to Kanchenjunga Drive Tourism Rally. The event will start on 26 March from Kechanakawal exactly at 8 in the morning and 50 cars will drive through  Bhadrapur, Birtamod, Damak, Itahari, Dharan, Bhedetar, Dhankuta, Hile, Basantapur, Chaukibhanjyang and close the day at Guphapokhari. Second day on 27 March, drivers and participants will drive through Sanghu, Tamur Dobhan, Fungling Bazar and reach at Suketar concluding the driving event. The drive will cover 255-kilometer distance with a total of 160 participants, said ITRC Province 1 Coordinator Bhabish Shrestha.

This much-awaited even is jointly organized by Internal Tourism Resurrection Committee Province 1, Nepal Automobiles Association Province 1, Morang Automobile Dealers Association, Ministry for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Province 1. 

Likewise, the third event is cycling rally from Dharan to Taltalaiya of Itahari. The event is scheduled to run to commemorate New Nepali Year of 2078 BS which falls on April 14.  Details of the event will be made public soon, informed ITRC Province 1 Deputy Coordinator Basudev Baral. 

''Our tourism industry has been hampered by COVID-19 pandemic and recently developed political uncertainty'', said ITRC Province 1 Coordinator Shrestha, ''Still, we are trying our best to revive our tourism industry. For this, events are crucial.''-rss